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The Namhae Sports Park Hotel, which opened in May 2002, is located in Namhae Sports Park, a comprehensive leisure sports complex famous for the largest four-season grass in Korea, as a high quality family hotel with state-of-the-art facilities, located in Namhae-gun, the southernmost tip of the Korean peninsula, in the middle of the beautiful Hallyeosudo, harmonized with nature by surrounding with the sea and blue mountains.

Namhae Sports Park Hotel is located on the pristine beach of Namhae with magnificent scenery spreading Hallyeohaesang National Park, and offers the beauty and richness of Namhae and a comfortable and pleasant leisure space to our customers. Sports Park is located at the site, including the Geumsan View of Gyeongsangnam-do, and the 12 Sea View of Namhae, famous for Nodo, Namhae Bridge, and Songjeong/Sangju Beach, which has been used as an off-season training ground for domestic and overseas professional baseball and professional soccer teams our hotel stands at the center of the area with a proud of greatness. The hotel has the latest facilities and high quality to such an extent as for the Danish National Team to use the Namhae Sports Park Hotel to prepare for the World Cup when the world-festival 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup soccer tournament was held.

The Namhae Sports Park Hotel is equipped with the finest quality facilities as well as the beautiful location, which further enhances the pleasure of our customers, Including hotel-type rooms, Korean restaurant, saltwater sauna, cafe, karaoke, pub with video and music, etc.In particular, seawater sauna is operated directly from underground rocky seawater in clean water area, in which essential elements such as minerals, calcium, magnesium, etc., are contained and thus it is loved by many customers since it is effective for neuralgia, rheumatism, adult diseases, and skin care. In addition, our customers can enjoy various leisure sports using the fantastic beach jogging course, bicycle path, acupressure road, various marine leisure sports (fishing, swimming (indoor saltwater swimming pool), skin scuba, water jet skiing, banana boat, parasailing, etc.) and aviation leisure sports (paragliding, hang gliding), and the largest baseball off-season training field in Korea and soccer field famous for four seasons of green grass, tennis court and futsal stadium.

Based on the management philosophy of customer first as well as business attitude that to be our customer once is to be our eternal customer, all of our employees have been doing best for the best family hotel business in Korea so that all customers can feel love and emotion with open mind We look forward to our customers’ continued support, and we hope our customers to find pleasant and informative materials at the Namhae Sports Park Hotel homepage. Thank you.

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